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•  Rural Power plants across Bihar and UP

SRE is setting up 100 off-grid village electrification power plants totaling 3 MW across Bihar and UP. We are looking for support from people having roots in villages of Bihar and UP to come forward and help us set up these power plants in their villages.

In the first phase we set up 3 power plant totaling 200 KW capacity which supplies electricity to local users in Saran district of Bihar. This is the first plant in India which uses corn cobs as one of the key raw materials. Apart from corn cobs, woody shrubs, waste wood and other agricultural wastes are used to generate electricity.
Locations - Garkha, Bhatgain, Qutabpur, Galimapur and Kasina.

In the second phase, we are setting up 15 plants with the support of NRIs who hail from these villages. 2 of these plants have been set up and are running. We will set up the remaining 4 plants by August 2012.



•  " Green India" - Plant a tree project

We have embarked on a mission of plant 10 lac trees over the next 2 years in unutilsed land across East India. We urge everybody to help us achieve this by supporting the planting of 1 tree at the cost of Rs. 10/- For every Rs. 10/- of your contribution we will help village people to plant 1 tree.

Please send your contribution through cheque favouring "Saran Renewable Energy Pvt. Ltd." to Saran Renewable Energy Pvt. Ltd., 102, Bajrang Market, Mauna Gola Road, Chapra, Saran, Bihar- 841301.

Pictures of tree plantations : We are planting trees in utilised land.


•  Wasteland Reclamation for energy crops and agriculture

Bihar is the most flood affected state of the country, accounting for about 17% of the flood prone area of the country. Out of 9.4 million hectares of geographical area 70% of the geographical area (6.8 million hectares) is flood prone and about 10% of area (1 million hectares) is water logged for most parts of the year.

(Source: Centre for Flood Management Studies, National Institute of Hydrology WALMI Complex, Phulwari Sharif, 801 505 Patna)

These areas are not being utilised as these are waterlogged wastelands and no crops or trees can be grown in these lands due to excess rain/ river water.

We are helping farmers to grow water resistant plants in these waterlogged wastelands which have multiple uses. We have been working with farmers for the last 3 years and more than 150 acres of wstelands are being used. We expect this number to grow to 500 hectares over the next 2 to 3 years.

Energy crops on wastelands : We have utilised large tracts of low lying land which is water logged for most parts of the year.


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